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Friday, October 14, 2005

He's Brutally Truthful

That's what Atlantic artist director Neil Pepe said of Harold Pinter, the British playwright who won the Nobel Prize in literature Thursday. "I don't think there's ever been another writer like him, in his ability through minimal words to convey subconscious fear and hidden foreboding ... He's brutally truthful."

I haven't read Mr. Pinter, who at 75, was published before I was born. But I think I will. I've been meaning to read some serious literature. It seems like so much of what I read is something other than that. Pulp. Management theory. How to. Process improvement. Quantitative analysis. Eric Carl. Dr. Suess.

No serious literature.

This is what 15 years in Corporate America will do to you. When I received my BA in Language and Composition from the University of North Texas in December of 1989, my favorite author was James Joyce. When I received my MBA from Jacksonville University in December of 1999, my favorite author was Tom Peters. Today, my favorite writers are Michael L. George, David Rowlands, Mark Price, and John Maxey.

You have never heard of them? Me, either. Not before I saw their names on the cover of The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook. Certainly, they are writers, but to call them authors may be a bit of a stretch.

Is this a deterioration? The pretentious pricks in Stockholm or the tragically hip in San Francisco or the inane mod in New York City may think so...

Thanks to corpodibacco for the link.

You are confirming to me that this blog is in fact a Forum among bloggers.
With selected members, but still.
Instead of commenting any post, one joins the blog and makes a post.
Maybe I am wrong and it is the greatest idea, but I am not quite sure about it.
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