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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Me and Mr. Pinter

Since Harold Pinter just won the Nobel Prize for Literature, let me say something about the guy.

All I know of Mr. Pinter: I know nothing.

Heard the name, at the university, once. Never read or saw a single play. Since I am a compulsive reader, I am supposed to feel bad about it, 'cause he just won the Nobel. But I don't.

How's that?

Well, in my perverted mind, that's how the thing works: If I know and love the writer who won, I am happy and feel like I discovered the pearl first. If they give the Nobel to someone I dislike or am ignorant of, I think they're all a bunch of pretentious pricks.

I agree with your point. if I know somebody that wins a major award or honor or prize then I am a proud supporter of that award. I think in some way we believe that the glory will in some way rub off on us. If i am not connected in any way to the award I can care less. Interesting topic on the motivation of peoples behaviors and involvements.
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