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Friday, March 17, 2006

What is “walking the talk” of Great Leading?

Question 3 of Rosa Say’s five questions on leadership at the blog Synergy is: What is “walking the talk” of Great Leading?

Rosa writes, “Perhaps I’m the one you don’t quite believe … Do you buy that everyone can lead? What do you think I have to coach would-be leaders in? What is “walking the talk” of Great Leading?


Anyone can be a leader. I think the most important thing to teach would-be-leaders is to embrace their uniqueness, to be genuine, and to have integrity. I believe anyone who does these three things can effectively lead by example, can affect change, and can be an inspiration to others

As a social worker, one of the techniques we use when working with clients is "modeling." This is a compassionate, yet directive approach where the social worker teaches through his/her own behavior and interactions with the client. Over time, the goal is for the client to internalize the healthier corrective interaction with the social worker and incorporate this interactive modeling into their other relationships. A subtler form of leadership, I guess
I totally agree that integrity is one of the most important qualities of leadership. Why can't more politicians read this blog?
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