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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Success is attracted

I just finished up the basketball season with my sons youth league team. We had a really good season. We had a great group of kids that did not understand the meaning of quit. Each and every kid on the team showed an incredible amount of leadership skills. I was most impressed with their courage and determination. We were a very small team. Every other team in the league towered over us. However, no team fought harder or outworked us.

There are so many things that go into the makeup of a leader. These little guys have what it takes to be leaders and winners. We lost our playoff game in a really hard fought contest. Our team was really outmanned, but put on an incredible performance. Afterwards, the guys were really down, but I was really upbeat. No one likes to lose, especially me. But I did not have the sense that we lost. I was so taken by their grit and determination that I realized how special this group of little guys is. It struck me that success is never given. It is not even earned. Success is attracted. These little guys do everything to attract success.

How did this team teach me that success is attracted? By working hard everysingle second, understanding the power of teamwork, self sacrifice, never giving up, believing that they can be (and should be) successful in everything they do, never giving up, believing in each other, being persistent, being passionate, caring, being honest, counting on each other, being accountable to the team, being humble, and being tenacious. They did not lose anything. They gained my admiration and respect. They taught me the true meaning of leadership.

Rosa Say asked at the blog synergy "What is great leadership?" The answer is a group of 9 and 10 year olds that will not quit. I hope to grow up and be just like them some day. They did not win their championship. (They will win many throughout life.) What they did win is my respect. They won the right to be teachers and leaders. They taught me that success is attracted. It is attracted by your actions, your attitude, and your willingness to live life with the enthusiasm, persitence, and humility of a child.

You sound like a great father. I played on a almost-championship basebll team when I was 12 years old. We lost in the World Series. You post brought back memories.
Thanks, glad to have you on board with the 100 bloggers!
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