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Friday, March 31, 2006

Face the Fears and Learn for Life

A couple of years ago I experienced the first of what as known as panic attacks. At the time it was the scariest thing I have experienced. A big part of the attacks were fears concerning my health. I would lie awake at night fearing I was having a heart attack or something worse. Some of these attacks may have been brought to a boil in my life because of several factors including the poor health of family members and concern I would experience the same thing. This went on and off for a few months as I tried to work it out though various non-medical means. While I don't believe medicine should be the final solution for everything I think it has it's place. I'm not on the medication anymore. I am currently controling the issue through a strong exercise program and knowing the truth concerning my own condition and the deep things of my faith.

What I learned goes beyond the initial relief provided by the anti-anxiety medication to a lifestyle discovery of not only my own fears but the fears of others around me. I'm not talking about fears you would only encounter in movies or "reality shows" but irrational fears that keep us from performing at our best.

This is a situation I have seen in my work and my wife has noticed it as well. She teaches private music lessons (piano and voice) and we both provide web development and technical services among other things. Perhaps you have received a good laugh from "computer stupidies" and other similiar stories of non-technically inclined people do thing consider bizzare by many. I've often heard those in the technical field say that their's no hope for these people but I don't beleive that. At one time I had no desire to learn about computers. In fact I wrote a couple of posting (part 1 and part 2 ) on my own blog concerning the matter. My wife has meet potential clients (adults who have expressed an interest in learning to sing or play the piano) but when presented with the opportunity to take lessons they say they are too old or some other excuse.

I admit I have some fears of my own that have kept me from learning things that could make me a more productive person and have also made a list on my blog and in the future will take on these challenges and report on them.

I could go on and on but I will close by challenging you to think about those areas of difficulty in your life. Are you being held back by an irrational fear? As I was writing this Steve Pavlina also posted a related article called, Silent Approval on his blog. Are you dealing with issues of this kind on a personal level or with people you know? What can you do today to address these fears and promote personal growth?

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