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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dimensions of an organization

It’s widely accepted that every of us needs to develop or at least be conscious of our different dimensions: mental, emotional, corporal and spiritual. All of them become us complete beings. If one of them is missing or if we are not aware of it, we won’t be balanced and we could feel that something is not going properly.

An organization, as far as it is a social system, is alive, changes, suffers, connects with other, exchanges value and richness, growths …etc. In this case, we recognize its mental dimension and due to Daniel Goleman we can assume emotional intelligence importance. Lately spiritual dimension (values, significance, vital objectives even vocation) is taken in high account in lots of organizations.

What I see missing is the corporal approximation. And it is in this way where I am interested. Knowing the principles of corporality in organizations can bring keys to understand which conditions allows organizations growth and wellbeing and which ones could be obstacles. Making a comparison between human corporality (what at least is much more known) and organization’s one can lead to those keys.

This is an exciting field for me, because my corporality has been one of my greatest discover lately. At the moment I only have question (which in some way is better than having only answers):

Being conscious that breath is one of the more important aspects for a human being, how does the organization breathe? What can be made to improve his breathe?

When a muscle is exposed to an excessive stress, it contracts to prevent higher damage. Due to it the contracture avoids flexibility and mobility. Does it make the same sense for a department in organizations?

Normally when we look at a strict or inflexible person, his body and way of moving is rigid. The same could happen with the org.

If someone knows where I could find more information or people working or interested on it, please contact me.

Let’s expand the organizational corporhability!

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