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Thursday, March 09, 2006

A baby lost, a baby grieved

My world is spinning, and I don't know how to respond???

How does one respond when someone who was so very cruel to you during your miscarriage, loses her baby???

Not just thoughtless words, not just careless actions - but deliberate cruelty. Spreading lies that turned people you thought of as friends, against you. That left you with little support, and few to turn to for answers and comfort? Who, when confronted by her behaviour by others, said that just proved that her lies were truth. Hardening hearts that use to care about you???

My heart was pierced through when I read the news of her loss! OMG, I would NEVER wish this on anyone, NEVER want another to lose her baby. NEVER wish anyone to feel this pain, to have her heart ripped out.

Every baby that is wanted, every baby that is loved, every baby that is longed for - should NEVER be lost. Every baby that is awaited with joy, should grow securely under the mother's heart, until ready to be placed in the mother's arms. The world is such an unjust place...

I fear that my expression of sorrow at her loss, my participation in a gift of flowers - would be unwelcome, unwanted. So I will grieve quietly here for her, and for her husband. Wishing her peace and comfort.

And most of all, I grieve for her little baby. Never to be held, never to be known.

Goodbye little one...

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God bless, Catherine Anne. Take the high road, if you can, and send those flowers. What do you have to lose? If they are rejected, you can handle it. You are obviously a tremendously strong person.
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