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Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Challenge

Patti Digh has tossed out a real good challenge. If you follow her writing, she carefully crafts a post per week. I visualized her posting process like this. For the next 37 days, however, she is going to just wing it. Do shorter posts, less complete, more single thought and potentially reuse them later for the longer posts. You will find these shorter posts here.
Her challenge is for us to do likewise.
Ah, and therein lies the rub!
For me, those posts are longer than I do write. And as many are aware, I already post almost daily so that is not a challenge. The challenge will be to make mine longer. Stick around, it could be fun.
Seriously, the challenge is a worthwhile exercise. I recall hearing Laurie Rosenwald at last year's GEL Conference. I sumarized what she presented as follows:
She did not convey an imposing personae, yet her insights were amongst the best of the conference. She teaches folks to work quickly. To work without thinking. To just let it happen. Many times. Then step back and select of what you have done, what you would choose to keep.
Sounds similar, doesn't it?
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Patti has a great blog. Very personable. I really like the concept that her blog is built upon. make the most of everyday and leave a legacy for your children. I would like to meet her challenge, but don't think i have that much to say. I will try, but I am afraid i will run out of energy rather quickly. if I only had 37 days I am sure I could come up with something to say.
I'm in. Starting now. I'm done monkeying around. Let's do something great. Or, as Phil would say, let's make it great!
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