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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Getting Blogs Done

It seems nearly a month since having been invited to participate on this amazing collection of thoughts, inspiration, and just plain interesting writing. How to add to it? Troy Worman's great post about not waiting for permission to succeed got me thinking. What about blog productivity? Getting Blogs Done.

In case the reference is lost, my favorite productivity guru, Dave Allen, wrote an excellent book about productivity in general, "Getting Things Done". A blog is a thing, thus "Getting Blogs Done". David Allen's book and thinking has become so popular, it's almost a cult. It's great stuff, all about getting things out of your head into a trusted system so you can spend more time in flow. Getting your thoughts out into blogs will help you experience flow.

Here's some inspiration, some link food for getting your blogs done.

One of my favorite blogs is written by Kathy Sierra, one of the authors and conceivers of the Head First series of computer books. In her blog Creating Passionate Users, she exhorts and encourages a wide variety of folks in a very non-techie fashion to help users "kick ass". The quickie advice she gives for bloggers is to write less about ourselves and write more about what would make a difference in the lives of the readers.

That's what to blog about. How about motivation to get blogging. Blogs are changing the marketplace. Here's some inspiration from Kathy Sierra and Robert Scoble to get on with it!

And finally, a couple paraphrased quotes and a link. Mickey Rooney is quoted in one of David Allen's books that when he has an article to write he sits at his desk and he better well have a good idea. There's a great book out,
Never Eat Alone
. Apart from a book full of great pearls of practical wisdom for success in life, he repeats the most important lesson I've ever heard about writing. Do it, and do it often. You'll get better.

Amen! Good stuff!
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