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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Friensdship is a relationship that cannot be bound by time, distance, age, culture, or race. It is one of the truly beautiful things in our world. The best way I can describe friendship is to say it is the sibling of love. Friends have a bond that can endure time, distance, racial differences, cultural challenges, and generation gaps.
Friendship has an energy that transcends prejudice. It overcomes hatred, disregards educational biases, and lends a helping hand to others in need. Friendship is sharing triumphs and tragedies, dreams and failures. Friendship rebukes when neccessary and comforts when needed. Friendship rejoices in good times and endures through the bad. Love cannot survive without it and hatred cannot stand in the face of it.
Friendship is the hope of the world, friendship is the fuel of the world. Why not think of an old friend today? Why not make a new friend today?

Very nice, and very true!
this can really help for my oral test!
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