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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Testing the Waters

This appears to be becoming a comfortable place! I was graciously invited some time ago but had not acted on it.

The picture is from a country store in rural South Carolina.

Happy New Year.

Joan, thank you for coming to this place. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
Yes, I love the picture. I spent one summer in South Carolina, 15 years ago. In Martle Beach to be more specific. I had a great time and keep excellent memories of it. Thanks Joan.
Thanks for the picture Joan. My brother lives in Mccomick South carolina which is a small rural town in South carolina. I am not sure where your picture is from, but it reminds me of McCormick. I love places like that.
I love that picture. I could use that sense of time standing still today. :)

Steve - thanks!

felix, rocky - fresh tomatoes, coke in a bottle and boiled peanuts in a bag? This one was on Hwy 176.

redwood - makes you want to pull up a chair and set a spell doesn't it?
That would be a perfect picture for my Hillbilly Ph.D. Blog.
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