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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Subversive links

Shelley Powers writes in the comments on her posting over at Burningbird:
The web is inherently hierarchical; weblogging is inherently ephemeral. Combined, you have an environment that overloads and overwhelms us if we attempt to flatten the discussion by continuing it long enough, and giving each partipant time equal to effort. No amount of technology will fix this.

It takes deliberate intent, practiced over time, with concurrance from all players not technology, to subvert this natural order. The tech’s just the tool to make it easier. But the tech is just as much a tool for the hierarchy, as it is against.
Respectfully, most of the 100bloggers are members of the Long Tail.

We should look to this posting for the instructions on how to be subversive in this blogosphere, and then with deliberate intent, do so!

Hierarchies intrigue and frustrate me. They push all my buttons and make me want to be oh, so subversive ... or I just walk away.
Most of everyone's life is a long tail. You can't live in eternal subversion - at some point, the long tail's got to kick in or you'll burn out, go crazy, or kill somebody.

The point I got from her post wasn't "be subversive," but more like "set your filters to focus on what matters, not just what fills the time". Use that as your starting point, then try to add meaningful effort to worthwhile causes.
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