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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I have a secret, a secret affair.
I can't tell it to anyone, I don't dare.
His eyes are blue and his soul is bare.
Only to me will he this share.

I think I have found a true kind of forever,
only we can't ever risk, being discovered.
Hiding it all from friends and other lovers.
I am ashamed,please don't tell my mother.

I sneak out at night, just once and awhile.
To see that light shine in his eyes and smile.
He has a certain apeal, with his animal style.
I want to abandon myself to him and his wyles.

His name is a whisper on my silent lips,
His presence is known to only my hips,
Business meetings and far away trips,
When I hear his voice my heart does flips.

I want him all for me.
And yet its unforseen,
Would that we were free,
A him and I be.

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