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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Quotes & Links

From one who was away for a good while and now back... John Perry Barlow comes this:

The main change, as I said on New Year's Eve, is that I truly feel like I am present. And it's way ok. I don't know where I'm going exactly - though I expect that to reveal itself eventually as it always has - so I might as well be here. Driven into the present by an inscrutable and yet ominous future, propelled here as well by the losses of the past, I am finding myself at home in a tempospatial condition where I have to admit that things really don't suck all that much. I'm warm, I'm fed, I'm loved, and I have a fat connection to the Internet. I'm not fucked up on anything and don't wish to be. My health is excellent for a man of my age and mileage, and I have all my hair.

Yes, of course the world is going to hell in a bucket, but it usually is, and today was a sublime day in San Francisco after a siege of record precipitation. I still have a couple of daughters, Leah and Amelia, here with me, and they gladden my heart even when they're being a bit snarky. It's their job, after all, just as forbearing it is mine.

The best thing about the future is that it doesn't arrive all at once. It arrives a second at a time. This particular second is good. The next one shows every evidence of being entirely habitable.

I'm just going to try to keep it like that. Right now, it feels like I can.

I hope you can too.

Let us have ourselves a year of seconds. And live fully in all 31,536,000 of them.

And from one whom I have been away from (in that the posts have simply been growing in Bloglines without reading them), Dave Pollard comes this:

Dave Smith has come to the same point I have in his thinking about business and entrepreneurship, but he got there by a completely different route. Whereas Dave's background is conservative (his father was an evangelical minister), my background is liberal. Though we've both helped build and guide many entrepreneurial businesses, Dave learned about business from the grass-roots, by trial and error, whereas I come at it from a business advisory, consulting perspective. And while Dave's book To Be Of Use urges us all to be driven by global human values to find and do 'meaningful work', my book The Natural Enterprise urges entrepreneurs to follow nature's principles, and use bold idealistic approaches that work, to establish responsible, joyful businesses with people you love.

The big difference between our books is that while The Natural Enterprise tells you how to set up a responsible entrepreneurial business, To Be Of Use tells you why to do so. In that sense the books complement each other perfectly.

I think Barlow┬┤s piece is simply extraordinary. I love the depth, the sensitivity and the mastery he shows in his writing. Thanks for quote, Steve.
Felix, I agree. I can easily see why he has made a living as a song writer. He has a way with words!
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