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Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Friend

I guess as fate would have it, it was Friday the 13th. I am not a superstitious person at all. However, I found it ironic that that an event that has a big impact on my life happened on that most talked about day. The event I am talking about may not seem real important to many people, but to me and my family, It has changed us. My dog, Peanut, passed away on friday the 13th.

Many may think that is not that significant. To my family, it is a major change and loss. What has changed?Well, for nearly 16 years, we had a very faithful companion. We got Peanut just as he was weaned and raised him from a pup. He was the first pet my wife ever had. We had peanut before we were married. We had Peanut before we had our children. He was apart of all our family functions and traditions. He was a protector of our house and family. He was with us when we bought our first house and was there when we moved to our dream house. He was there with playful happiness in times of celebration and laying at our feet to comfort us in difficult times. It didn't make any difference to him if we were successful, rich, powerful, or broke, alone, and living in a hut. He just wanted to be with us. He loved us, no matter what the circumstances were.

When I found him I saw 16 years of my life lying there. As I buried him I hoped he had the same comfort that he gave us. I thought of my kids who never knew life without him. I wondered what it would be like to not have him greet me at the door every day when I returned from work. I couldn't help but to feel guilty for the times that I failed to return his unconditional love. No more barking at strangers at the door. No more licks to the face. No more laying at my feet (probably what I will miss the most)

I often wonder how the world would be different if we could have that kind of unconditional love for those in our lives. I am sure the world would be different. He may have just been a dog to some people, but to us, he was a major part of our family. I miss him. We Miss him

That's sad Rocky.

I know the feeling - I had a dog Bonnie for 9 years and the feelings you are experiencing I have empathy with.

We humans can learn about loyalty and unconditional love from dogs.

Keep smiling my friend

Warm regards

Oh no, that's terrible ...

Our pomeranian is 16 (we've had him since he was 5), and he's not too long for this earth. I dread losing him, but I know it's inevitable.

What kind of dog was Peanut? (If you said what he was, I didn't catch it.) Got any pictures, like on Flickr?
Peanut was a mixed breed. I don't have any digital pictures. I will have to see about scanning one. He really was a big part of our family as you well know. 16 is very old for a dog. I wish you the best with your Pomeranian. We knew Peanut was nearing his end for a while, however, that did not seem to make it any easier. Thanks.
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