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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I have a Blog Stalker!

I don't know if I should be upset or honoured?? My little blog is only a few months old and already I have an anonymous stalker, a nasty one at that. Leaving comments that I need to get a life. That my life is a train wreck. That my husband is useless and a jerk.

I don't even blog about my life, but she tells me she knows everything about me! Isn't that kind of scary?

I can follow her in my stats. She reads every one of my posts in forums I frequent and checks my blog several times a day, to see if I have posted anything new. Hmm... who was it that needed to get a life?

She started a huge comment fight on my first blog, even thanking me for providing a forum to let people tell me how stupid and useless I was. When it became ridiculous, I deleted the whole thing, and started fresh. There was no point in trying to hide the new blog, she searched for me in Google.

So I put the comments on moderated status, and still she continues to harass me with her nasty comments - even though I deleted them and they never saw the light of the blog. Wow, was she angry that I deleted the first blog, and that I would not post her comments.

Today she told me that the sad thing is about my life was - everyone got the joke, except me!

I didn't want it to come to this, but today I set my blog so that you have to register before you can comment. My son, who runs a forum himself, says that won't stop her. I can only hope she will eventually get bored and move on with no response.

I don't know what makes me so special? Most bloggers wait months or years before they are discovered by the crazies!!

Life Begins... This is a journal of my sorrow, loss and grief.

Yikes, sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope this reference helps you feel better. Kathy Sierra is my favorite blogger at "Creating Passionate Users", and this particular entry shows a graphic (the Koolaid point), that the more people love you, the more people hate you. Kathy's writing about companies and products, but it applies to people too... Like the old comfort - they attack you because their jealous. Or a bit of wisdom some one once told my wife - people don't throw rocks at trees without apples!
Wow Catherine, I've been stalked before too, and I agree with shinsato...Feel honored that people care enough to say nasty stuff about you. Because that's easier to say than do, I moved to TypePad and can now ban by IP address.

You write some beautiful posts, so please stay positive and keep fighting the good fight!
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Hi, thanks for stopping at my blog. Oh, how I feel your pain and know what you talking about here. As you said, some people really need to get a life. And, occasionally I still get some anal blogs about me on my stalkers blog. How do I know, a friend tells me as I will not give this person the time of day. I too, have put up a IP tracker but just watching that can drive you nuts knowing how they watch you. It is pathetic. This person has mental issues and probably lives alone and take anti-depressants and just wants to make everyone miserable like they are. Your stalker wants you to belive they know all about you when they do not.
Have a good day...
I moderate all comments
Some people need extra loving and some just need a kick in the Ass

whatever.. stop by we can have some wonderful coffee. and watch the puppies and pony play.
This is to say these people are not worth your time my friend..
I pondered this thought for a little bit before responding. An old farmer once said " if you don't want people to get your goat, don't let 'em know where you got it tied up. And if they are that interested, you must have one fine goat" That seems to fit in this case. Somebody is awful interested in you and your opinions for some reason. I am not sure what that is and in this case neither are you. I'm thinking that you either represent something that this person aspires to, or you represent something that reminds them of something painful in their life. It would be wonderful if the situation could be cleared up. However, you don't seem to be getting the chance. That is unfortunate, because you seem to have a great deal of life experience and courage that has helped you to face many difficult times. Hang in there and hopefully this can resolve itself. I suspect your "Stalker" is trying to work through something very difficultt as well. All things are created to to give a yield in abundance, whatever we sow we get back 10 fold. Stephan Covey, in the 8th Habit, calls this the law of the harvest. Hang in there and you will get back much for your perseverance.
Jeez! Now I find out just how far out the long tail my lonely little blog sits. I've never had a stalker. No one ever makes nasty comments or tells me to get a life. I'm feeling pretty darn neglected right about now, Catherine. I realize that even minor celebrity can be a burden, but oh, how exciting it looks from this distant land!
Oh, I think she found my blog now. "Get a life" is something she says all of the time. And she works her way through every comment thread trying to instigate a fight. So tiresome to deal with!
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