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Monday, January 02, 2006

How about a monthly theme?

One of the reasons some of the non-posters may not have posted is due to lack of inspiration.

By providing a theme, the group could generate some discussion around a common topic from our various points of view. We may not reach an agreement (nor in many cases would we have to) but we would have laid out the various lines of thought for and against, round and about a particular topic. This monthly theme would draw forth the best of the 100.bloggers. This would showcase the reasons many of us are here to begin with, to share and learn from each other.

By keeping the theme on a monthly basis would allow ample time for all of us to have our say and allow for or other lives (do we really have an other life?, should we?...) to continue while the discussion continues.


I like this idea. It would make my posting feel less intrusive and more invited. :)

I agreee! Who will choose the topic??
Given the size of the group (and potential growth to the 100 count), I think going with a majority should work. The first topic that gains the most votes goes first, the next goes second and so forth... no one looses, there are enough months to run topics out this year into next.
I like the idea of a monthly theme, but remember, we have our carnivals which are themed, as well. Which reminds me... I need to send an email.
Cool idea, Steve. Our group is so heterogeneus that I´d love to see the results. The blog carnival and the theme can be compatible, I thnik.
It is amazing what you as a collective group have accomplished with this site. I like the spontenaity of it. I think you can maintain that same feel and still have a monthly theme. Keep it rolling.
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