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Friday, December 30, 2005

What is a Hillbilly?

Most people view a Hillbilly as an uneducated, uncultured, lazy, no account loafer. In fact, the very term Hillbilly is often used as a derogatory statement or is used as a put down. When it is used in friendly terms it is used in jest, to make fun of someone. The term Hillbilly certainly conjures up certain visiuals and stereotypes just at the mention of the word. This is not a defense of the term Hillbilly or any certain group of people. However, I am intrigued by the notion that many people are called Hillbilly or backwoods because of the way they speak or by the fact that they do not have higher degrees of education.

Here in Kentucky we use funny soundings words such as aint, preshadit, shucks, i'll be darned, and a bunch of other words that make no sense to others. I have found that this is not limited to Kentucky. I have received e-mails from around the world of people that are the equivalent to the Hillbilly. The interesting thing is, I hear how many of these downhome folks are often very successful. This is often without higher education. Don't get me wrong, I am not putting down education. I have a couple of college degrees and so does my wife. I hope with everything in me that my kids pursue a college education. But, does a degree guarantee that you will be successful? or does it just open doors of opportunity? does life experience count for much? Can you be self taught and be successful? What are the variables that equal success? I am interested in hearing some feedback from yall.

Hi Rocky

Like you I got the necesary academic tickets but dos it make me a better person - of course not. Degrees and a great education are wonderful accokplishments and I wouod never knock it. but some the richest teaching I received has come from people with no qualifications and a relatively poor education. My dear late Dad for one.

Do you need a good degree to reach the top in business, politics or sport? - Not in my opinion. How about these three guys who did not get a degreee between them

Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson
Former UK Prime Minister John Major
Manmcheste United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson
Great response. I think that life lessons are the most important. a good quality education will enhance the life lessons, but caanot replace them. that is certainly a wonderful list of people that achieved the very highest in their respective fields with no formal college education. 3 shining examples of people that made the best of self education.
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