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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Visit with Santa

Hi Santa!!

You don't mind if I pass on the whole sitting on your lap thing, do you?

Good, cuz after all I am a big girl now.

Ok, well, not that big, but I am grown up now.

How about if I just sit next to you on that stool? Ok?

How's this? Yes, I am comfy, thanks for asking. No, it's not too hard, I'm fine. No, I really don't want to sit on your lap, you old flirt.

Santa, I really wanted to ask you something this year.

Well, do you think this year, if I close my eyes real tight and wish real hard that I could, just once, get something I really want?

Because well, you know, I've been pretty good this year, well kind of. Hey, I tried, ok?

It's not easy being good, ya know.

Ok, sorry Santa, for the attitude, I'll work on it, OK?

Yeah, but anyway, this something that I want means a whole lot to me, and you know me, I really don't ask for much for myself, but this year I would like this one little teeny eeny thing. Well, ok, it's not so teeny, it's a good size, but you don't even have to wrap it, just a bow will do.

What? Oh, I didn't tell you what it was, did I?

Well, um, how about I whisper it in your ear.

Psss, psss, pssssss.

Ok, got it? Good. You'll think about it?

Sheesh, I guess I should work harder on being good, huh? But I really want this really bad, Santa, so if you can just make an exception just for this year, it would make me real happy.

And I promise, I won't ask for anything next year, not even a piece of coal.

And I will make you cookies.

Ok, I'll shut up now, Santa.

What? Oh, you still want cookies even if you don't give me what I want?

Well, I know they are the best, but this doesn't seem quite fair here.

Hmm, well Santa, I guess I will have to think about it.

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