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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Three Little Words

I asked in one of my own posts on my site for commenters to give me three words, phrase or random, and that I would then include those in a poem. I am now one year strong after a bitter divorce that ended a 20 year marriage. The poetry that flowed in the beginning was full of pain and heartache. I had a number of dates during that time that generated little lovey poems. Then I fell head over heels, soul-mate connection type of love and the poetry has flowed full of love. But I wanted to experiment with a random poem. So what better way to do that, than to get input from those who read it. So, here it is. There is one condition though. After you've read it, if you could leave me three words in your comment and also, there is a request at the bottom. Sort of a spread the joy and friendship of the blog world request. Thanks

Three Little Words by Michael Joseph Robinsmith

I was hoping for a miracle
Looking for you all night
What were you hoping for
I had to do what's right.

There was something in your eye,
Sparkling through the illusion.
That was speaking to my heart
Like that ray of hope and emotion.

Flooding into my soul,
I remember those words today
I'll never let them go
When you said, make my day.

Standing out on that beach
Watching the thunderstorm and clouds
Washing away the pain
For another's eternity to which I bowed.

Why would you walk away,
What we had was so intense
There really was nothing so deep,
It always felt so elegant.

There really was no passion
Nothing that was worth these tears
I'd have sacrificed everything
Just to keep you close and near.

Remember sitting by that river bank
With that breeze blowing on our skin
Blossoming like the flowers
Our souls refreshing way back then.

What kind of love is this
Our souls connected as one
Sharing the future is all we want
The beauty of us shines like the sun.

Now one little request to go along with this poem. Visit three of the links contained within, tell them you are visiting from the Three Words Poem done by Cowboy Joe. Don't cheat and look at the status bar to see where you are going, just randomly choose three of the highlighted words that speak to your soul. In this case, let them also know that this is the one posted here at 100 bloggers. Thanks ya'll. Keep smiling.

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