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Friday, December 02, 2005

Post Thanksgiving Gluttony

Still thinking about all that food. Led me to The International Federation of Competitive Eating website. Here's just a sampling of current IFOE records:

and, of course,

Don't know about you, but I'm trying real hard to NOT think about what the subesequent 5-7 minutes were like for the recordsetters!

Ah screw it. Time for lunch.

I seriously doubted your figure of 75 pounds of asparagus (or anything else) in 10 minutes, so I followed the IFCE link -- sure enough it was *5.75* pounds.

A little typo can make a BIG difference!
ha! my bad! so sorry. thanks for paying attention! i think i'll leave it as is and see if anyone else notices the absurdity of the typo.

Can you imagine, though? 75 pounds of "sparrow guts"?!
I can't imagine eating a single spear of asparagus, but that's just me ...
Used to feel the same way, B-Man. But here's the trick: Start with really skinny 'gus ... they're the sweetest ... steam 'em just long enough to turn 'em bright green ... be sure to keep 'em out of the water so they stay crisp ... then drizzle them with a mustardy, or cheesy, sauce ... or just crunch away as you might on a carrot.

Just be sure to cut off the bottom (white) parts before you start.

And there you go!
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