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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Do you ever do something because you can't think of a good reason not to?

Here I am, Blogger # who-knows-what on this 100 bloggers project.

Do I have a good reason to be here? Not really. I have nine other blogs I could be blogging on right this very minute. Seriously. But Troy invited me along for this undefined ride, and I noticed no one had yet posted today, and I thought "why not?" And I didn't have an answer.

The question is: what do you discover via randomness?

If I start this post with little in my mind to say will I come upon some pearls of wisdom? A big aspect of blogging is following where your mind takes you in response to other people's posts. Would the blogosphere exist if we didn't link to one another? I doubt it.

I confess that I am impossible to please. On the one hand I am not particularly inspired by bloggers who act merely as ringleaders or highway signs telling me where to exit. I want context. I want pithy insights. Conversely, I follow some bloggers who post only long, incredibly detailed and thoughtful musings...often even about topics in which I'm interested...and yet I cannot make it to the end of their posts. My mind wants to move on to the next, to the next, to the next.

I have written everything from the short, sweet, "go read this interesting link" post to the long (and dare I admit, sometimes even rambly) philosophical post. But I have never just started a post without knowing where it was going to go, as I started this post. It was an experiment in randomness, and I have discovered this:

My mind likes a little order. I like to bring my posts full circle. I do not excel at random.

But if you do want random, I've got a list for you: here are a group of British Bloggers who self-identify their blogs as "random."

Enjoy :)

You really have never started a post without knowing where it was going to go? Wow. Interesting.
Denise: your comment surprises me. Are you saying you normally operate this way, or frequently do this?

You're blowing my mind. Please elaborate.

Elisa - pretty darn good contribution. I enjoyed reading about your blog reading/writing habits, thanks for that window into your private online life.
Thanks Sour Duck.

Denise: I guess I have started a blog post around a topic and come up with new insights along the way. But I usually start with a topic, or an interesting link, or a pet peeve, or a suggestion or something I intend to communicate. I may be surprised, by the end, at what other things hop on the blog post ride, but I started with a destination in mind, at the very least.
Elisa! Thanks for your contribution and thank you for the links. I will be sure to check out these random Britons.
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