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Friday, December 30, 2005

Carnival of 100 Bloggers, Issue 2

Welcome to Issue 2 of the Carnival of 100 Bloggers featuring Rosa Say, Trevor Gay, Ken Camp, Rebecca Thomas, Kirsten Johnson, Dwayne Melancon, Average Jane and Troy Worman.

As always, the new year brings with it the anticipation of limitless possibilities, but first, Kirsten Johnson reminds us to take time to celebrate the successes of 2005 in her post Celebrations Before Resolutions.

Rebecca Thomas is Rebecca Thomas. She writes, "I suspect I’ll rewrite this next month, but for now, just the mere thought is making me giddy!" Read her Starting on New Year's Resolutions.

In Rosa Say's I Want to be Thoroughly Used Up When I Die, she writes, "I’ve found myself thinking of Givens and Goals: the Givens are those things that must be more for me than resolutions; they must be ever-present. Givens are my values, my virtues, my strengths, my resolve and my mission. The Goals are still to come; they are the possibilities that are still begging to be explored. They are promise, brightness, energy, and light. "

Here is something a bit different -- Dwayne Melancon's The Coming of Summer. It doesn't sound like a new year's post, but it is. Well done, DM.

Ken Camp vows to simplify in 2006...and not say anthing bad about Microsoft. Read his Resolutions for 2006 .

Average Jane faces the new year with enthusiasm, but first, reflects on 2005. Reas Average Jane Faces the New Year.

And then there is Trevor Gay's Time to Reflect. Simplicity at its best.

And finally, me.

Happy New Year from 100 Bloggers!


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