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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Carnival of 100 Bloggers, Issue 1

Welcome to Issue 1 of the Carnival of 100 Bloggers featuring Rosa Say, Trevor Gay, Pet Campbell, Ken Camp, Rebecca Thomas and Troy Worman.

Virtue is not a word we hear very often, but what better time to reacquaint ourselves with it? Read Rosa Say's Aloha Virtue List.

Trevor Gay has a passion to increase awareness and support of informal carers. These are family members or friends who provide care to someone suffering from an illness or disability. Click here to read Trevor’s Carers Wish List.

Do you have a holiday plan? Read this from Pet Campbell. She is not a happy holiday person, but she is a Merry Christmas person.

Next, Ken Camp offers a holiday wish list and bewares for the naughty, while Rebecca Thomas writes about something truly wonderful that happened in her office.

And E.M. Sky pens a Note to self... for Christmas shopping in 2006.

Finally, I offer this: Stress, Eating and the Holidays.

It's the holidays! Surround yourself with family and friends, rid you mind of guilt and destructive self-deprecating thoughts, and fill the void with self love and affirmation.

Happy holidays from 100 Bloggers!

Nicely done, Troy - looking forward to the new Carnival format on this!
Thank you, Dwayne!
Excellent Troy - well done my friend

Warm wishes at this special time of the year to all Bloggers. God Bless you all :-)
Awesome stuff gang! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
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