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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blog Business Cards

Back in June I wrote a post referring to an article about using business cards to publicize your blog. Though I have business cards, up until now I haven't followed my own advice -- sort of. I do have labels with one of my business blog URLs on it and put that on the back of my regular business card.

However, I recently started a new personal blog about weight loss, diet, healthy eating and fitness. Since this doesn't fall into my business category and I still want to drive traffic to it, I decided to print up some business cards with info about the blog. I used a standard template at, waited until they had one of their frequent sales, and got 250 cards printed free + $5 shipping. Not bad, and they look good.

My plan is to carry these cards with me and to give them to people who express interest in the subject matter. I have left a stack at my gym and sent or given a bunch to people in my network who will also give them away. The blog has been live for about 2 weeks and I'm currently getting about 100 visitors per week. I'm hoping that my business card promotion tactic will attract new people to the blog.

This is a low cost offline promotion tool and I'm not sure how I'm going to measure this other than by watching my stats and seeing if more people start participating. I can't really spend a lot of time on promoting this blog, so I figure if I have something to give people when I meet them at the gym or pilates studio, that will work for me.

Do you have a low cost marketing tactic? Click on the Comment link and share!

I've done several different cards for my two blogs -- basically because I've compulsively done business cards -- designing them myself on the computer, printing them on cardstock, then cutting them out -- for about 12 years now.

When I was job-hunting, I did some with my qualifications on them, and others with just my name and address. When I got my first email address, I did some for that. I designed several different cards for my work as a standup comic, and when I teamed up with another comic to form a comedy showcase group, I did several cards promoting the group and its activities.

Then I started blogging, so of course I'm still doing cards.

So my experience is probably not typical, but yes, I'm a big believer in business cards.
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