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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Try it and see what happens ....

This is a copy of a genuine advertisement for a new Doctor at a GP Practice in England that I worked with in 2003.

It makes me remember that sometimes we have to try ‘non-traditional’ approaches to get staff in a competitive market for rare skills.

This advert appeared in the British Medical Journal - the most prestigious medical publication in the United Kingdom.

The good news was more doctors applied than expected. It tells me there are always alternative ways to do things - and they often work.

TORQUAY, DEVON A lazy, full-time Partner is required to join a burnt-out team of five disparate partners in a backward-looking practice of 11,000 heartsinks from July 2003. We are located in a dismal part of the country, with failing schools, zero culture, and miles from London. Partners’ problems include alcohol abuse, female sexual dysfunction and financial impropriety. A one in one out-of-hours rota. Well below average income. Notes, if made, kept in a state of the art shoebox under the bed of a partner’s mistress. Awful links with local “Murkton Moor” style DGH. If you share our grave concerns about this new confounded 1966 contract, and would like a more accurate practice profile, then please contact:- Mrs Yvonne Bagg (in name and nature), Chilcote Surgery, Dewerstone Practice, Hampton Avenue, St Marychurch, Torquay, TQ1 3LA.

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