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Monday, November 07, 2005

Opportunity knocking

I've been a bit stymied on what best to write here at 100 Bloggers.... what's relevant or appropriate, what do people coming here want to read, etc. All the regular concerns and vanities of a blogger.

But it's a great opportunity, to have this open space, and I owe it to the community here to engage and enroll in the project, if I've accepted the invitation as a writer.

To stay quiet and on the sidelines, or sidebar, of this project - then what's the point? So, to jump in, rather than to only observe the experiment:

Sunday's business section of my local newspaper had an article on how companies are now monitoring blogs as part of their marketing, PR and consumer/customer service activities. Blogs are now being seen as another media source for companies to monitor and respond to.

As I'm seeing it, the opportunity - as individuals, communities, or businesses - that blogs ideally offer us is yet another way to engage and connect in ways that enrich and improve our world.

I say, write about whatever you want here. Just write!
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