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Sunday, October 02, 2005 not being finslippy

We all have our favorite blogs. Likely, we all have a dozen or two favorite blogs. Pick one and tell the rest of us why in 50 words.
My blogroll is ever-growing, especially since I was fortunate enough to attend the BlogHer conference and add that whole blogroll to my site for convenient perusal. I keep another big set of bookmarks on hand (with some blogroll overlap) and add to it any time a new blog catches my attention.

Still, the one blog that I can unhesitatingly single out as my favorite is finslippy. Alice's writing has made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. Even though my lifestyle is practically the opposite of hers, I can identify with her every witty anecdote. Getting to read her blog for free seems almost unfair - I've paid hundreds of dollars for books and movies I didn't enjoy a fraction as much as I enjoy finslippy.

(Okay, so I'm incapable of expressing anything in only 50 words...)


Yes, Alice is wonderful! In that genre, I also love Mrs. Kennedy at Wry doesn't begin to describe it. Check out her t-shirt that's for sale also.
I have Mrs. Kennedy's t-shirt! I bought it from her at BlogHer and I often wear it to the office.
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