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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Decoding Intent

I'm off to give a talk on "decoding intent and emotion" at a conference in Concord, NH. I'm glad that "100 bloggers" is happening (although I had recommended creating the "100 Bloggers Experience" in the badlands of the Dakotas instead!

Lots of great talk and ideas. Its cool to participate in such a grand "meta conversation" with such a flow of connected thoughts.

My contribution: What matters is not just what we say (content), but how we say it (our process, intentions, etc.). Geeks (and I use the word admiringly) sometimes tend to forget this and focus on content alone. Theory of Mind tells us to continually attempt to infer what others are thinking and feeling and to be "mindful" of that. Noam Chomsky called this the "deep structure" of language. So, rather than knocking the ideas of others, lets "tune in" to each other and care about what we are all saying. Not so good ideas do not disappear because others criticize them, but rather because better ideas begin to shine. I know this sounds corny, but having just survived awful flooding in the Keene, NH area my belief in the importance of a little "peace, love, and understanding" (Elvis Costello's words, not mine) is stronger than ever. Let's listen...not just to the words, but to the meanings behind the words...and spread some much needed good vibe out there.

Larry Welkowitz

Well said, Larry! [see new tagline]
About 100Bloggers: I seem to be a new member of this blog, so let me say that, since I love to be the voice out of the herd, there is really no need to define 100Bloggers "grand 'meta conversation' with such a flow of connected thoughts".
It's a Forum, plain and simple. For addictive and good it may be, it just does not seem to be something "new" happening.
I asked for some explanations already, on how 100Bloggers is different by any Forum online, but I got no response... I wish I would... so I could partecipate inside the herd instead than criticizing from the outside-
Unless we define some minimal guidelines, like, "don't answer to one post with another post, there are comment for this", I don't think it can come out anything so interesting out of this.
Hope I'm wrong, and that this doesn't sound too arrogant or outspoken.
Corpo, I share your point that 100 bloggers is a forum. Though I perceive some kind of frustration in you for it. Did you expect something else? Or perhaps something "more important"? I like it to be an open space for different voices and as a way of meeting people otherwise I would not be interested in.

It has a minimun quality of shared action and a maximun of free involvement.
well, I am kind of frustrated by 100bloggers because there's much more in a blog tool that in a forum. Forums are out there online since like 1996, they are a useful tool, they connect people, share informations, like newsgroups do(did). But the blog thing is something more... I mean, so many bloggers here in the same blog could do better that talk among themselves of what they have in mind...
even Boing Boing started I bet with no real guideline, but still, their pourpose was to capture a way more vast audience of readers. Not of being read and commentend by the other bloggers of the same blog!
I will end up thinking 100Bloggers it's just yet another way to create links for Google and Technorati and be ranked high.
Well, unless... I don't know how many we are up until now. I have the impression we are too many for such little activity, but maybe I'm wrong, we are really at the beginning and anything can happen.
Corpo! I very much appreciate your input. This is precisely why I asked you to join us here at 100 Bloggers--to shake things up a bit.

Thank you!

Now, as for achieving something bigger, what do you have in mind?

I think we would all welcome some fresh ideas.
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