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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Creme de la Creme

There are more than 2 billion web pages out there. That's a bigger population explosions than a dozen mice with cocktail bottles of viagra and pherenomes and no one home to protect the larder from munching lunch.

That's a lot of tanker trucks of milk to skim to get cream. What a huge task to carry on small feet. I don't often point to things much, the internet being largely comprised of finger pointing in delight or ridicule, I often keep my comments to matters of immediate importance like when will I be fed, and what. It is not exacly a noodle blog I run. It's more of a tuna buffet with some human psychology and transdimensional travel and prayers to Moonlight and Godess Mror thrown in.

That said, I do get around this old pirate ship of a net. I share my browser with a couple humans but even still, how much we colelctively notice as noteworthy from the billions of possibility adds up over time. In just a year since we let behind the Windows system, we've loaded up on the bookmarks.

Just today I discovered that I have more than a screen of folders of bookmarks, aproximately 200 of them are sidesurfs dumped in a "to check out later" folder. In all there are 1,868 bookmarked sites in all. (That's about 55 full screens worth and doesn't include the ones that came pre-installed with Safari.) Over 2 screens are my written by cats (like Beau, Sparkle or Oreo, as well as dogs, hamsters and a stuffed sheep. (Mror, is that bookmarks search tool ever useful!)

Many things tempt me for being the one I put my paw on and purr, this is for sure, great.

Since my audience today is cat and non-cat, something that tempts me Great lecture Library. It is by the Chautauqua Insitute. You can hear some of the leading human lecturers in the world speak on Art, Business, History, Religion, Government, Health Care, the Environment, Family and Ethics.

You can get a 15 day free trial. After that you have to pay out of your tuna fund on a sliding scale depending on how many downloads a month you want to get or pay about $6 each, which works out to about 4 cans and a nibble of the really good stuff, for really good brainfood

Thank you so much for the mention & the link Valderbar!!
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