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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blog Family Tree

Here's an interesting blog meme.

A blog called The Politburo Diktat is putting together a "family tree of the blogosphere."

Bloggers are invited to leave comments indicating:
1. The blogger who inspired them to start blogging.
2. The month that they started blogging.
3. Any "blog-children" or other blogs whose creation their blog inspired.

I'd been reading others blogs for quite a while, but never felt that it was 'my thing'. Then I realized, like now, it was - it's just that I was blogging in a different way...sharing my thoughts as part of others sites on topics we shared in common.

So, after reading my friend Paul Allen's blog many times, I finally decided to start my own. Ironically, the family lineage of my blog is also the topic of my blog since Paul and I share a passion for genealogy.

This has also spawned a census web site and blog with others to come. SO, 3 generations of blogs from one inspired writer.
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