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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Subtle Influencers Running Beneath the Radar

Troy threw an invitation my way and then tossed the gauntlet - We all have our favorite blogs. Likely, we all have a dozen or two favorite blogs. Pick one and tell the rest of us why in 50 words. Given my own propensity for silence of late, I felt reluctant at first, but this is something I can do, but I'll list two blogs joined by one person.
I'm not sure exactly when Mary Godwin stumbled across me or why. Probably some flip comment I made during the BlogHer doings, which I highly supported. I found myself stumbling back to (Pro)Claiming Age and found someone I felt an immediate connection with, although I'm not quite sure why. Mary's insights into life, family and the truly important things are perhaps what I enjoy most. She doesn't sidetrack into metablogging or the self-flagellation so many of us wander into.

Her own masthead says it best
Blogging as a Woman of Age and Adventure tackling graduate studies at Purdue University, though currently most the mom of Tommi, a soldier-daughter in military intelligence serving with the National Guard on the frontlines of Mr. Bush's War just outside Baghdad in Iraq. This is a story of survival we are living together, the story of a walk with my daughter through her own daily adventure. Her name is Tommi, a woman of strength in her own right.

I was fortunate enough to catch her own spinoff of herself on Body Electric and post a barbaric yawp in response to her arrival.

Mary's daughter Tommi also brings some wisdom and insight that I can only respect and admire in her role as Sentinel 47: Keeping the Gate.

Perhaps it's a common age. I think it's much more. There's a kinship found there that spans miles and very different lives. But Mary and Tommi are people I've come to pay attention to, listen for, and feel a bond with. If you haven't discovered them yourself, go click the links and explore.

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