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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Doing This For 5 Years

Since we're a bunch of bloggers, sitting around writing about blogging on this blog, let's salute someone who's been at it for five years: Gerard Vlemmings, one of our fellow participants in the 100 Bloggers Project, has been doing the excellent Presufer blog for half a decade, as of yesterday, so let's all head over and offer our congratulations for putting up with all of blogging's requisite crap for so long.

Full Disclosure: Gerard is the person who gave me the invite to join The Project, so I admit I'm a bit biased here ...

But I'd be congratulating him publicly even if he hadn't invited me, so shut up.

Thank you Mark, for your nice words.
I'm honoured.
Five years blogging. That´s a record. Few can say that.
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