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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dig deep

Working on self-knowledge is not easy. Often, the harder it is, the more important it is. We dig up things we would rather not see. We resist the pain. We have a choice between a lifetime dull ache and a brief acute confrontation.

We settle for the familar and confuse boredom with depression.

We all have unexpected moments of of insight. "Oh, that's what it was all about." Few of us seem willing to push deeper.

People who refuse to do their personal homework reap crops sown in the past by their parents' influence and other powerful experiences. Unwilling to dig deep enough to set their own values and perceptions, they are caught forever working over the same small parts of their past.

Do your homework. Self-knowledge is for the purpose of contributing. You can change your perception of the past to bring peace to your present and our future.
From Jennifer James' Success is the Quality of your Journey

I like the quote you use. Learning is both a readiness (for it) and a willingness (to endure it). The fun is in the journey and sometimes the destination makes it all wortwhile.
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