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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Me, I think of blogging as an exercise in casting thy bread upon the waters and see if anything better than soggy bread comes back to you.

I do it for Fun. Not the lower-case kind of fun, but for Fun itself, for the sake of Fun, for the Fun of living in a world that's a little more Fun, a world that maybe values Fun a little more.

So when it comes back to me, like in the form of this invitation to be a 100th part of 100.bloggers, it makes me think that, yes, this blogging thing is worth the effort. Yes. It is. Because now you're reading something I have to say. And you're thinking maybe there's something that I (as in, you) have to say back to me. Or to someone else who is blogging. Some soggy morsel of yourself.

And so we build community, identify commonalities, regain our sense of self and mutuality. With a comment. With a blog post that blogs someone else's blog post. Linking. Connecting. For Fun.

Bernie DeKoven
Deep Fun - a playful path to wholeness

Yes, I like your line of thought. There is a connection there to why I mentioned that we should leave stuff behind.
In deed yes. Delighted to discover this mutual validation along the bread crumb trail.
If you are not having fun, it is probably not worth the effort.

Let the fun begin!
You must be a very funny person, Bernie.
Well, at least fun-like, as in liking fun, believing in fun, especially when it is deeply fun, especially when it is the kind of fun that brings us together.
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