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Friday, September 23, 2005

Blogging Rocks!

Fabulous idea Troy - thanks again for inviting me to join in - happy to be part of it - why not aim for 100 in 30 days I say!!!

Blogging is important to me and my business and it is also great fun.

I love the fact that the censorship is totally down to the individual. My view has always been that if people are treated as adults they will always impose testing and high quality standards on themselves. Just trust people for God sake – when will business understand it is as simple as that - Rant over!!

My 'Simplicity thought for the day';

"When it comes to quality standards we are much harder on ourselves than any rules imposed on us"

I have just written an article about empowering front line staff - if anyone wants a copy just let me know

You can find my Simplicity Blog here

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