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Friday, September 23, 2005

All Hail Troy Worman! - candidate for centurion of the blogosphere!


Thanks for creating a new place to exchange ideas. I see you have already annoyed the self-appointed guardians of the blogosphere and that is a good thing. It almost guarantees the achievement of your goal.

The first 100 Bloggers project may have failed in its ultimate mission, but it showed that getting anything useful out of a century of bloggers requires a centurion. I think you will be equal to the task.

The earlier project also showed us that a realistic set of objectives is necessary to create and sell a product. If your objective is to create an entertaining and informative site at no cost to the reader, you are already halfway there.

It is up to the individual blogger, of course, but if we can provide entertaining and useful posts, we create immediate value for our readers and for ourselves. This is so simple it is almost scary.

The next thing you know, someone will get the idea to write something remarkable and traffic will start building and... well it's all downhill from there. We could end up with sidebars with BlogAds, a code of blogger etiquette, blogging purity wars, and factions. Why, it'll be just like...civilization! :)

Thanks for putting the pot here and letting us add ingredients and stir it.

Well put. He single-handedly dragged this project out of the ditch.

The rest of us are kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first ...
Sorry for omitting to sign - I posted the above.
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