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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Different deals for different people?

When you pay for something, are you getting the best deal? Chances are that you aren't and you don't even know it!

Everybody knows when purchasing a new car to never take the first offer that the dealership gives you. In fact, to really get a good deal you must be ready to walk away. When you get to the point where the dealership is feeling you are getting "a steal", you have probably gotten to a price point where you are getting a deal and the dealership is getting sufficient margin.

Ok, so we all know that example. But, I would guess that many of you don't know this one. Go to your local McDonald's and ask for a 75 cent large soft drink (which usually costs an additional buck or more). Yours might not do it, but I have found that at least a couple near me do. Why do some do it and others don't? Why don't consumers know about this? Why not just give me the drink at 75 cents?

In talking with my friends, they will give me other examples such as electronics or appliance retail stores that will allow you to name your own price to a certain point. If you know that you can do it, you could save an additional 10-15%.

So, I guess my frustration is knowing that somebody else can get a better deal than I can because they found out about these "hidden" deals. Something about that doesn't seem right, or fair, or honest. I say we either go truly to the barter system (name your own deal) or everybody pay the same price. Anything in-between doesn't seem right to me. Is this really a good business practice?

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