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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Marketing is a good thing. So are blogs.

I like the way that John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing presents this:

He says, that while blogs may have had a "fad" period, that time has already passed into history.

Jantsch writes about business blogging in particular:

Thank God The Blog Craze Is Almost Over

Blogging as a business fad seems to be passing - and that's a good thing.

Now maybe people will settle down and look at a blog, at using a blog for business, for what it is. Just another, albeit powerful, marketing tool.

Yes, every business needs a blog, not so they can say they have one, so they can finally say something because they have one. Now I'm not saying that you can't have open and transparent conversations with your clients and prospects through other means, I'm just saying that people don't.

Via Wayne Hurlbert at Blog Business World

True, Jantsch is a marketer, but I see that as credibility, not a lack of objectivity. Even if you cringe at the thought that someone would see your personal blog connected to business, there is no escaping the undeniable fact that your blog markets YOU.

So what's your message?

Link indexing blogs aside, how do you "have open and transparent conversations" with your readers???

Think about it: Even if you feel you just write on what interests you, those thoughts that spill out into your blog post as content convey a message about you.

Go back and read your own blog's entries this weekend. You might discover your ho'ohana, (your intention, and your passion for worthwhile work) and that would be pretty exciting.

Then you can market away! Marketing is timely. Marketing is relevant.

You are relevant

So get passionate about it.

Oh, it gets scary when you find you are on the same wavelength as someone else. But so exciting!

You recall I redid my templates last weekend. In so doing, I realized I did not have a tag line for one of my blogs. So I gave it some thought this week and updated it today. And came here to read this reminder on marketing.

One small step in the refinement of ME, maybe another giant leap in this connected world... (with apologies to Neil Armstrong)
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