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Monday, February 27, 2006

Freedom’s Price

I live in freedom, here at home
But my freedom it wasn’t free
Your life and heart, your mind and blood,
Pay freedoms price for me.

I send my little boxes,
Packed with love and wrapped with prayer
Hoping that when they reach you
Smiles and laughter will light your life
While you read these odds and ends from one
Who’s safe at home.

I read the lists,I check them out
When I do not hear
that you’re alive and fighting still
My heroes over there.

I write your families of the pride I feel in you
My unsung heroes who live and die,
protecting those under the shield
of freedom being bought.
I tell them just how much their love;
it helps you to be strong
Their fears, their tears I pack away,
and send them up to God.

Until our freedom is secured
I will write and I will pray.
That our nation will stand as one.
Offering you honor as you pay
The price that freedom costs.

crossposted Feb 27,2006

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