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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fire Ants

I am not ready for the man eating evil straight from hells door big as a house fire ants. But they are back, I saw one.
My strategy this year was going to be; soak our entire property in a zillion gallons of concentrated DDT or some equally effective and safe pesticide, and laugh, hysterically as I watched the little demons die. The hardware/feed store said they couldn’t sell me DDT, at any price, because it's dangerous. Boy are they wrong.
So plan B is now in effect!
That is: call pest control frequently, maybe daily. They have to come, they put it in writing they would, wasn’t that nice! The pest Control Company only charged us half of our lifetime income for the privilege of keeping our yard fire ant free. The problem is, they forgot to tell the fire ants, to die.
They are very nice people, I am on a first name, how are your kids, what did you do for fun over the weekend basis. That should be the only clue needed.
They told us that spraying twice a year was going to control the fire ant population on our property. Somehow they were confused about that, because I had to call them weekly, sometimes daily.
I wonder if they know their secretary has such a magnificent command of swear words. She is almost as good as John, when he is really mad.
I did notice they start shaking uncontrollably when they open our gate. Not really sure what's up with that. We have decided to take them up on their guaranteed renewal contract price for the 5 years they offered it.
Although after I mentioned it, the next time I called, they were experiencing phone problems. The phone company tried to tell me they had disconnected their phone. I finally tracked them down in South America, they remembered me.They are coming tomorrow. We will show those fire ants what extermination is.
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When I lived in Baton Rouge, nothing did the job like Amdro. I recommend it. Follow label directions.
I live in Texas and Amdro is only a slight nuissance to fire ants. They just pick up and move two feet away. Fire ants are the scourge of the universe.
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