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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pennies In Life

A friend and I were out walking, and saw some pennies just lying on the ground.
As she bent to pick up the pennies, I said pennies are kind of like people they have no value until they are found.

She said sometimes when she drops a penny, it’s easier to leave then bend down.
Cause a penny by itself has no value, so she just leaves it there on the ground.

I said people are sometimes like pennies, there are many that life has tossed down.
They sometimes believe they have no value; but I think that they have never been found.

Some pennies are worth lots of dollars, but they are just laying there on the ground.
Some people have more value than silver or gold just waiting out there to be found.

I said I am a collector of pennies; when I walk I always look down.
You’d be amazed at the money I have made, Just picking the pennies up off of the ground.

I am also a collector of people; I look for the ones that are down.
You’d be amazed at the friends I have made, just waiting out there to be found.

So now when I see a penny, I take a deep breath and look around
In case there’s another collector.
Of people that may have been tossed down.

how true, how true... good advice!
That is awesome. I really like the message.
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