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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Links: Ethics or courtesy?

There´s a very interesting conversation taking place at Peter Dawson´s blog. It seems like there are some bloggers who don´t like or don´t feel like adding links to their blog posts. There´s one case in particular, Richard Edelman, "who actually does not link" in Peter´s words.

Whatever be his strategy Edelman has gained some popularity for it. There´s also a reference to the matter on Scoble and Israel´s "Naked conversations" blog.

So, my question is: is it a matter of ethics, or of courtesy? Or none of them, it can be just an strategy for achieving distinction or just a measure for avoiding complexities to the reader?

Links serve many purposes. They allow the reader to pursue the thought further. They give credit where it's due.

And, they serve the blogger doing the linking too. Because the more you link to others, the more likely they are to link to you. And the more incoming and outgoing links on your pages, the better the search engines will find you.
Good question Felix. I think it's important to link to the other person's site if you think they have more than this one quote or article that would interest your readers, and if not, then link to the article either via trackback or by actual link to the article.

All in all, I think that's a question of courtesy, more than ethics.
I agree with Phil and purple_kangaroo it's simply the right thing to do, both to benefit you with relevant links, as well as the blog you link back to

It is very demoralizing to feel that your not "quite worthy" of being linked to.
I feel it is a matter of simple courtesy.
So much of what I have learned about blogging is through observation and practice. Linking is one of those things that appears to me to be a blogging ethic. In any case it has to do with citing your source and in blogging the way to cite seems to be through linking.
Listening to The Google Story, I was really impressed with the academic origins of how Google ranks pages by the number of links to a document. It's also the way research papers are ranked, by the number of references are made to the paper in the general literature.

Adding links adds value to the internet. Not linking is just being lazy.
I am tracking dichotmay of thought... I still see;

a) "..think that's a question of courtesy, more than ethics."
b) "" of those things that appears to me to be a blogging ethic."

what is linking ?? does it mean i point to something and say why I am ppointing or say something and point to someting ??

which is ethical and which is courtersy ??
I thinbk it has more to do with character. By linking, you relate, by linking you show your openness. It´s a matter of personality, I think.
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