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Friday, December 16, 2005

Where have all the TypePads gone?

At, CHill writes:
Okay, what's the deal with TypePad? Every TP site I've looked at today has been reset to Saturday morning.

The most likely explanation would seem to be that they crashed big-time and the latest backup they had was from the 10th, but that can't be it, can it?
As one of those TypePad bloggers - you will recognize all of us as the ones hopelessly sitting at our keyboards dazed and wondering - I certainly hope not.

I am taking advantage of Troy's generous hospitality here at 100 bloggers to offer the answer to CHill and anyone else who is wondering ... Here's the official word from our TypePad dashboards:

TypePad is currently unavailable for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. During this time, your weblog is available for reading and viewing, but you won't be able to log in to TypePad to post, and visitors will not be able to comment on weblogs.

For updates, take a look at the Six Apart Status Weblog.

Six Apart

It's been about 12 hours now, and that picture of us TypePadders at our keyboards is getting kinda ugly. I think Six Apart needs some coaching with their bedside manner, although I guess they're taking care of their own panic-striken techies right now.

I need more coffee.

Yep, I was concerned too, and their update blog didn't help me much. I just moved to TypePad, and am concerned as this is the 2nd major outage I've seen in the last few months, though I don't see anyone else in the space that's worth a hoot. Google - if you're listening, fix up Blogger more (read: add trackbacks and stop sploggers!) and you have a chance to win this arena. Maybe!
As someone who studies business and customer service quite closely, it will be interesting to see how TypePad rebounds from all of this. There is no doubt they've lost several customers over this last fiasco. Not a great way to end the year - one of phenomenal growth for them.
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