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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Random Laughter

I was listening in, yes shamelessly easedropping, actually at a meeting during a break.Two women were talking about their terrible shopping experiences.Playing one up man ship on each other about the worst experience..
I sort of let my gaze drift over them as I listened and started to giggle. Then you know how this happens I was laughing OUT LOUD ,the person across from me got the giggles, then it was like a epidemic, laughter everywhere. It was wonderful.
My boss asked me if I wanted to share what was so funny, which made me start laughing again, small flash of grade school and teachers. I said I was just thinking about practicing random acts of kindnessthat instead of getting all mad eyed, I would have practiced kindness which usually stops people in their tracks, and makes a much more rewarding shopping experience.
Do you remember the last kind thing you did for no reason?I do, its Something I try to do often.The clerk that cannot get it right, no matter what, don't get mad, smile and say gosh, I hope you can get a break, heres five bucks, get a coffee on me.
What? Reward someone who has cost me time, aggravated me to no end. And is probably ( you fill in the blank ).
Yes and remember to smile, while you practice.Trust me it gets easier, and better yet, it feels good.

That's a great idea. I think I'll try that just for the other person but for myself as well as I find I am often impatient with slow customer service. Thanks, Buddy
Very good idea Pet. Thank you for sharing it!
You are so right !!!

It really is easier said than done though.
I worked as a cashier for three years, Christmas and back-to-school were the worst. I'd get claustrophobia from the crowds, being trapped in masses of people with no way out for hours. I'm glad not to be there this year.

But, there was one customer who always seemed to come into my line at the worst moments. Whatever was going on- I was getting nagged by the supervisor for not being patient enough with a customer, I was being nagged for not selling any credit cards that day, someone with a bad cold had felt it necessary to lean in and breathe all over me, someone standing behind me elbowed me in the head, thought it was funny to poke me, whatever....!

This one guy seemed to come when I was on my last nerve and he smiled and chatted and there was just something about him. It was like he carried a can of peace and easy going-ness around in his pocket. How ever awful things were before when he was there it all stopped and I was able to take a few deep breaths and go on to finish the shift, even the extra hours from someone not showing up. It was amazing. I still don't know just how he did it, maybe it was just something about him and not anything he actually did.
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