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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Crawling Out of Lurk to Wish You

I've been enjoying the random nature of 100 Bloggers, love watching the patterns form from post to post, and mostly enjoying the writing. I hope to be a regular contributor in the coming year.

I signed up because there was something I liked about being a part of something whose meaning was left loose. Like one of those poems created by writing words on slips of paper, throwing it all up in the air, and recording the words in the order they are retrieved. Chaos begets order.

I offer this by way of an introduction - I've been writing online since 1998, and have archives back to 2000. I publish a literary magazine and work for writers more often than I actually write myself (fiction that is - I blog religiously). I'm a mature pagan, meaning I've left the pentacles and heavy eyeliner in the broom closet and prefer to bewitch the world in deed rather than by spouting off about how powerful I am/my Goddess is/magick can be. I am a homebody. I love coffee. Mostly, I prefer cats to people, but I live in a house with four children and my husband (who I prefer to think of as my lover because I'm subversive that way. I love it when I refer to him as 'my partner' or 'my lover' and people assume I'm a lesbian.) I love challenging common usage. I love words.

I have no mission in posting here. Just as the site itself has no stated mission, I'm just here. Available. Resting in good company sometimes, and adding to the fray now and then.

I thank you for the opportunity.


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