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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Almost Time

It was the first frost today in This Small Town, Florida.
It's the kind of day that makes me think about snow.
Lots of snow, as in CowboyHeaven, Montana
kind of snow.
Sking, snow angels, snowball fights.
Steaming cups of cocoa, with marshmellows.
But in This Small Town Florida, it doesnt snow,
it is likely to rain, but no snow.
I am planning our annual caroling fiasko,
which entails a hay wagon, christmas lights, straw bales, a planned route
and friends, family and sore throats.And the pickup.

This year I have the sheet music in folders, lantrens with extra batteries,
thermos's dug out.
We will meet in the center of This Small Town, and we will
argue over the route, and fight loudly over the cookies and pastries we are given as we stop and carol.
People will peek out in disbelief, and then join in as we sing.
Favorites will be requested, words will be made up.
Hearts will be softened for a moment,memories of other years and other places will drift thru my mind and I will go home, being thankful I did it again.

Have not heard of people caroling in 15 years.
Good on you all.
Oh, this sounds so Christmasy! It doesn't snow much here in Alabama, either. Nevertheless, we do get in the Christmas spirit!
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