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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tom Asacker, blogger extraordinaire

Tom Asacker is one of the big names of marketing. When Troy asked us for a review of a blog we love I couldn´t think of any other blogger. Among the many reasons I can tell about Tom´s unique writing there´s one that stands out: Tom is an implicator. He has been working on the idea that marketing is more concerned with a genuine interest on your customers, in this case the readers of his blog, than in any complicated marketing recipe.

And Tom´s blogging style is the very example of this interest in you and me. Tom implicates his readers. Tom is always there when you write him. Tom becomes your friend.

Tom´s writing is not only a source of good intentions. His writing is as brilliant as a blogger´s style could be. His posts are always contextual, he provides a historical perspective, an ironical twist of the facts, a clever interpretation of the reality of the business world. Tom Asacker is the most intelligent mind in the business gurus' circus.

If Seth Godin represents the quintaessentia of the intuitive marketer, Tom Asacker shows the structural connections of marketing, work and innovation. Thanks Tom for being so cool.


Well done, Felix. I, too, am a big fan of Mr. Asacker.
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